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What is the Best Membership Management Software

No two membership companies are exactly the same. From free membership tools to customizable and advanced membership tools such as Neon, several key features will assist you to grow your membership program and engage more members. Here are five of our top recommendations for helping your company succeed with membership management software.


One of the key features that veryconnect provides in its membership management software is its alumni site. Veryconnected includes a very highly responsive alumni network. Members who become members during your launch period have an incentive to join the alumni network. The veryconnect alumni website is highly searchable and includes an archive section with past and present events. The archive section also includes photos from each event, videos, and links to any information about the event.


In addition to encouraging new members to join, veryconnected offers a powerful incentive program. The very low cost platinum membership fee includes a wide variety of benefits. These benefits include exclusive member login bonuses, supercharged member search options, the very high level of privacy and security, a high level of support, and priority level email alert. This combination of very high value and low price makes veryconnect one of the best membership management software solutions around. Another great perk is that veryconnected utilizes the open source Stripe framework and therefore is compatible with a wide variety of e-commerce platforms, including WordPress, Magento, Joomla, ZenCart, and more.


Another key feature of veryconnect’s membership management software is its ability to integrate with third party software. This capability includes membership toolkit integration with Joomla, Drupal, phpBB and many other popular CMS systems. This ability to inter-work with other programs allows your organization to develop a strong and consistent communications platform with which to communicate internally and externally. By having access to these other applications, your organization will be able to expand and grow significantly while maintaining a solid business model. Being able to provide your members with a strong, adaptable communications platform will increase your ability to attract new members, while helping your current members to grow personally and professionally.


One of the most fundamental capabilities that you must have in the best membership management software solution is its ability to create and manage extremely easy to use membership forms. Without an incredibly easy to use membership form system, your members will spend a lot of time submitting their information to the database. There are many different membership form systems available on the market today, but very few of them are as user friendly as the extremely easy to use ones that veryconnected offers. members won’t have to spend hours submitting information to the database, and members will be able to focus their time on other important aspects of their organization.


Extensive and effective reporting capabilities are also a must have feature for any robust membership management solutions program. Reporting tools are one of the primary features of most membership management solutions, because the information that they gather and store is extremely sensitive. Since most members will never see these reports (let alone download them), it is extremely important that you be able to access and analyze the data from them whenever you want. With an effective reporting tool, you can create comprehensive and easy to read reports, and the wild apricot suite by Carbonite does an amazing job of providing the reporting capabilities that you need.


Having the ability to create and manage unlimited membership profiles is another important feature of membership management software. When you’re working with a large organization or have several locations within the same physical location, it can be difficult to keep track of individual member’s details, as well as their location and email address. This is especially true if the memberships come in various categories and locations, which will inevitably lead to several new members entering your organization each day. When you have unlimited member profiles, you can keep track of member’s details for each location individually, as well as for each category within each location. You will also be able to associate different locations with different categories, as well as providing notification when a new member joins your organization. Whether the member is new to your organization, or has been a member for many years, you’ll be able to send them a welcome email, as well as keep track of any activity that they’ve been involved with.


The last major feature of any top-rated membership management software solution is the ability to provide your organization with an automated process for renewing memberships. Having the ability to renew a membership automatically creates a more secure environment for everyone within your organization, and provides your members with a faster means of renewing their membership on a regular basis. If you’re choosing the right application for your organization, you should be able to select a solution that allows you to choose when your organization will renew its membership, and which features will allow you to do this in the most efficient way possible. For example, if you require a renewal date in the near future, you will be able to set your application so that when it receives the renewal request, it will automatically reschedule the date that your organization has reserved for a particular member.